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Reforms and decoration

Will build or renovate? A well thought out architecture design and the use of some simple solutions  can help minimize the impact of construction on the environment.We have prepared three steps to help you:

Sustainable House in Cotia, in the greater São Paulo, designed by architect FlaviaRalston. The concregrama floor was employed to maintain the maximum possiblepermeable area (photo: Zeca Wittner)
Sustainable House in Cotia, in the greater São Paulo, designed by architect FlaviaRalston. The concregrama floor was employed to maintain the maximum possiblepermeable area (photo: Zeca Wittner)

Be to the extent
Think about your daily activities: how many and what environments do you need?What you need to put inside them? Talk to the architect and it will help you to get that House on the measure with all well planned! Houses like this, compact, use lessmaterials and finishes and you spend less money on construction. Remember: idlespaces or poorly planned, that sometimes you can't even use, cost money.
Avoid waste
Planning and organization help to reduce waste, improve lead time and reduce the cost of the work. The smaller the smaller the waste construction waste as cardboard,metals, wood, plaster, plastic, concrete and cement remains. Avoid changing your mind in the process and hire talent to not having to redo things that were wrong.
Position home on the ground
It is essential to think solar orientation to position the environments and enjoy thewarmth and natural lighting. It is not always possible for all environments of thehome welcome Sun directly. The solution is to let longest environments to thesunniest. The dormitories must catch the Sun in the morning and by nightfall, thisroom will have time to cool down. Service areas and circulations can open to sides with less Sun is worth also leave large Windows and Zenithal lighting (the one thatcomes from the ceiling) to get the most sunlight.
Focus on natural ventilation and crusade
Think of openings for natural ventilation and Windows and doors positioned on opposite walls. They improve air circulation and are a great way to leave the Housewith pleasant temperature, in addition to eliminate or minimize the use of air conditioners.

Natural lighting and ventilation are sustainable tips (photo: Shutterstock)
Use environmentally friendly materials
How about search and choose to use materials produced with less impact to theenvironment? How to paint without toxic components, recycled materials,construction systems and intelligent certified timbers.
Install solar collecting boards
It is best to install the system for solar energy during the work. But, if the budget isshort can leave the infrastructure ready for future installation.

It is possible to have a House with sustainable practices to help the environment andeconomy (Pictures: Shutterstock)
It is possible to have a House with sustainable practices to help the environment andeconomy (Pictures: Shutterstock)
Capture rain water
How about creating a system of collection and storage of rainwater that allows it to be used for situations that do not require water, as water the garden, wash the yard or for the discharge of the bathroom. And has very simple and cheap systems to store water.
Work the landscaping
The vegetation can be an ally in the thermal comfort of the House. With it you canbring shadow to the facades and leisure areas. The permeable areas such as lawns,help in the water seepage. The green roof is also a good option. Besides the fun of using a green area, it generates thermal and acoustic comfort of home andcontributes to decrease environmental pollution and increase the humidity of the air.

Green roof leaves the House cooler internal environment (photo: Shutterstock)
Green roof leaves the House cooler internal environment (photo: Shutterstock)
Another simple solution is to install sensors in presence of passage. The light is onlyon when someone is in place. You can also adopt sustainable tips to reduce spendingat home.
STEP 3-USE the House with a CONSCIENCE:
Also no point do everything right and connect the hose to wash the back yard every day! Much has been said in clever consumer habits and conscious use.
Know your equipment and follow the manufacturer's directions for use, do preventive maintenance to extend the life of the building. Is easy, come on! (Source-ZAPimoveismagazine GLOBE group)